Bringing it all Together - Youpal as a Friend

“Fate brought us together, destiny will keep us together.” - Kayelyn Hendricks.

Finding a purpose in what you do and allowing others to fill in the gaps is the cornerstone of every team. When there is a complementary team, ideas will come from anywhere. That is exactly what happened at Youpal. 

I interviewed one of our founders, a technical guru and amazing teammate. Meet Ruben Teijeiro.

What brought the founders together?

After a long time working for large organizations, Karl and I met in Tieto, a multinational consultancy company from Sweden. Both of us were looking for new challenges and needed each other. Karl needed a partner with high technical skills and I needed a partner with business and entrepreneurship experience. So we decided to start this journey together. Later we brought in James (also a Tieto colleague) who filled the huge gap we had for proper organization and knowledge development. Today we are a team of three visionaries with a large experience in IT.

What did you see lacking in the market that inspired you to create Youpal?

Large organizations are like elephants, they are really big, they move slow and have a big memory or legacy technology which is a burden. Technologies are evolving so fast that companies must adapt quickly to these changes or die. During our experience working for large organisations we realised that Open Source technologies, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, allowed young startups to develop their products and services faster, which is the most optimal and beneficial strategy to launch to market. We decided to start providing consultancy services adopting an extremely agile methodology and educating our customers to embrace the change. At the same time we invested all the profits in growth and developing new products, based on Open Source technologies, which are faster and more cost-effective.

How is Youpal different from other IT companies?

Youpal has all the best a large organization can offer (multi-skilled consultants, big portfolio of services and products, high quality, reliability and security) and all the best a startup brings (fast innovation, delivery speed, cost-efficiency and freedom). Youpal is able to deliver massive complex projects in record time due to its capability of scaling up development teams during the production phase. At the same time, Youpal offers innovative solutions due to its co-creation workshops and free mindset. Youpal focuses on talent and that's what makes Youpal competitive in the market.

What are the core values you stand for?

On the one side there is “you”. You stands for talents who exceed from the crowd with their passion and dedication. And on the other side there is “Pal”, everyone from our company. You could say that we are a community of pals, some sort of family. We like to say that we are a people’s company who values talent and hard work the most.

What does Youpal aim to achieve?

Nowadays when technology is used in every segment of our lives, we aim to make use of it in a way that it is going to work for society, and not the other way around. At Youpal, our aim is to “humanize technology”

What are the three personality traits you need to become a Youpaler?

At Youpal we like working with results-driven individuals, so I guess the three traits needed to be one of our team are: being talented, motivated and free minded.

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Youpal is involved in digital change initiatives that aim to produce a positive impact on business, society and the environment. We are passionate about community participation to deliver innovative solutions, no matter how large, small, simple or complex. 

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