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Delivering a seamless personalised banking experience

Methodology: Agile Lean Kanban PMBOK Design Systems

About the project

The Client

A leading commercial bank that offers a wide range of personal retail and corporate banking services through a network of branches, telephony, online and mobile banking channels.

The Challenge

The bank needed to move from a primarily product centric business to a more customer centric one. They had an outdated siloed digital approach having separate mobile banking and internet banking platforms. This meant that when their customers performed banking activities on one platform they would not have insight of these activities on the other. Besides a siloed and cumbersome digital experience, the bank only had one customer-onboarding channel which was done at a branch. In addition customers who wanted to remit funds internationally, had to withdraw funds from a branch or ATM and then go to an exchange house and send their money. Besides personal digital banking challenges they also needed to digitally revamp their corporate banking business.

The Solution

The bank decided to do a digital first approach to ensure a relevant, engaging and omni-channel experience for the modern customer. This meant creating contextual anywhere, anytime personal and corporate banking that delivered a personalised experience across digital touch-points. The approach to this project was to revamp the design of the online and mobile interfaces, develop smooth digital customer onboarding, build a corporate banking ecosystem, develop instant money transfers. The next phase was to leverage the opportunities of open banking, by benefitting from the omni-channel experience, creating APIs and activating services with third party partnerships.

Due to the size of the project, it comprised a number of vendors. Youpals role in this multi-vendor environment was to be responsible for development and end to end delivery. This was a complex multi-vendor managed project to ensure a seamless banking experience on one platform across all devices. Youpal developed and implemented mobile and web banking applications, instant payments, and a smooth onboarding solution for customer single-sign-on to access or activate banking products and services.

In Conclusion

Youpals contribution ensured full end-to-end delivery, on time, within budget and with quality. The bank has seen a rapid growth on their digital channels, specifically mobile. Customers now have a seamless omni-channel experience that is relevant, engaging, contextual and personalised. One can now sign in and activate new products and services without having to go through separate application processes. Customers can now remit money internationally and perform instant payments on their mobile on the go. Onboarding is now done digitally without having to visit a branch. The bank has achieved its goal to be more customer centric and digital first, giving them a strong position to build upon their open banking digital initiatives.


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