Empowering women in business

About the project

The Client

Are you a female entrepreneur?

It's difficult to start and run your own business. It requires that you are the CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO all at once.

IWG is an International Women´s Group that helps women to connect with companies, other entrepreneurs, business coaches, investors and much more.

As a part of their network, FemTrepreneur, gives you the opportunity to accelerate your business and always have people around you who will give you the best support.

The Challenge

In order to attract, engage and encourage women to the network, IWG was in need of a marketing automation platform, a website for engagement and CRM to manage and facilitate relevant communications.

The Solution

Youpal developed the website in Drupal 8 and implemented a marketing automation platform integrated with a CRM.

In Conclusion

With the necessary digital tools in place, IWG have enabled a network of over a thousand women to grow their personal network, share knowledge, experiences and advice to drive business.

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