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About the project

The Client

Transcom is a global customer experience specialist with 30,000 employees in over 27 countries offering customer support, sales, technical support and debt collection services.

The Challenge

The client required a solution to attract and retain young talent who wants to build a thriving career at Transcom. Furthermore, Transcom required a renewal of their outdated global website to align with their current business transformation process of creating a strong attractive relevant brand that builds sustainable relationships for their clients, candidates and stakeholders.

The Solution

We started our digital journey with Transcom by developing an innovative and modern career portal to manage the recruitment process (attracting, on-boarding and retaining) candidates looking for a new career path at Transcom.

We then proceeded to develop social media interconnections and made most integrations to systems for the entire HR process as well as on the marketing side.

We then proceeded the renewal of their global website. The site is developed as a multi-lingual - domain site to best serve all the countries they are present in.

In Conclusion

By applying transparency, cooperation, and digital ecosystem strategy,  we have been able to collaborate on a tremendous project and to meet the expectations of Transcom clients, candidates and stakeholders.

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