Community, wifi and waves. Do you need more in life?

"Programmers don’t surf. For one thing, getting a tan would undermine the programmer street cred; for another, surfers get up early and programmers generally sleep past noon. Without personal experience, simulating the thrill of surfing is a matter of guesswork. You code what you know." — Sean Craig


You're one of those who do believe in it?

Would you like to improve some of your skills? Maybe learn a new profession?

Turn your passion into a job?

And all this while enjoying the sun and the waves?

In our new space we will develop fast and intensive technological training programs designed to meet the real needs of today's job market so that you can make your passion your way of life.


Thanks to the community and the network of contacts created, you will have access to the job offers of all our clients.

Our idea is to support restless minds, with the desire to learn, grow, improve, collaborate and, above all, enjoy.


Healthy and active life is our best asset when it comes to do our job or run a company.

Whether if you are a project manager, an entrepreneur, a web designer or, you name it; whatever your profession is, you will sometimes work under pressure, and you will need a break.

Combining work and surf, is best way to boost productivity and creativity, recharge batteries, and go back home feeling a bit more alive.

And now, all you have to do is... enjoy!!!

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