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Specialists with an eye for talent

We understand the challenge in finding not only skilled talent but talent with the right mindset and cultural fit. We are highly in attracting a wide range of technology professionals from around the world. Our professionals that join us all undergo rigid personality and technical tests rounded off with validation interviews by our specialists before we onboard them. So when you request talent from us, we ensure you get the talent you deserve!

Effective utilisation

Our set up is based on experience. You either need to find the right talent or you may have a challenge managing your bench. Working with us is as simple as a pay as you go model. You onboard our talent when needed and release them when you no longer require them. With this set up, you will have zero bench, with less economical impact and effective utilisation.

Quality and speed delivered

The quality of our talent on average is improving our clients project efficiency by 25%. If your project is behind, the speed and quality our talent will help close the gap. This will help you avoid unnecessary penalties. An example of this is that we have made up 20% of the total team successfully contribute 70% of the delivery. So quality and speed are key, and this is our focus.

Performance and trust

We are an open and transparent company. Based on experience and continuous learnings has made us one of the fastest growing ICT companies. Over the last year we have been delivering several key infrastructure projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, ranking in the top 100 and 300 Fortune list. Industry verticals we have experience from are within Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Customer services, Renewable Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, and NGO.

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Get in touch

The best way to get started is to open up a dialogue with us. We know that finding talent is a people experience with a lot hanging on the line in terms of budget, project success, dedication and cultural fit.

Perhaps you know exactly what you need or maybe you are not entirely sure of the technology stack or size of team that best matches your project, no problem, we can help you.

Our primary goal is to match the right talent for your project and ensure you achieve successful delivery.

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